About Emily

By day I work full-time in account management in Houston. By night I am a wife, a mommy, a dog mom, photographer and homeowner. Photography has been a hobby of mine since elementary school when I was able to tell the difference between 1 hour photo and overnight lab send out prints. The hobby/skill runs in my family and is a constant discussion while we share our recent photos with each other. In 2010, I bought my first professional camera and learned to find my style while photographing my special model, our dog Sharie. I thankfully was able to turn my hobby into a side business. Photography is what I do to take my mind off everything else in my life. I love to share in the joys and smiles of others :) 
In my "extra" spare time I enjoy exercising, crafting, traveling, spending time with my husband, kids, friends and 2 fur babies, exploring new restaurants and new areas of town. 

My Style

Why Emily5?

I am a natural light photographer, meaning I don't use flash as much as possible. Capturing the natural look of people and pets from the sun is what I do best. I will usually try to find a park or at least somewhere with shade to have our photo session. I have my own style for the types of photos I take, and new ideas come to me when in the moment, but I am open to capturing you in a way you want to make your session special and personalized :)

Many years ago, while in college and dating my husband, Troy, I took a picture of the city skyline of St. Petersburg, FL while on vacation with friends. Troy loved this picture and wanted a copy of it for his office. So, for Christmas one year I enlarged a copy of this picture and framed it for him. When I went to sign the picture as an Emily original: "Emily S" I got nervous that I would mess it up and I wrote what looked like "Emily 5" instead. I tried to fix it, but instead made it look like a more pronounced and obvious "5." My husband thought it was funny and said if I ever become a photographer Emily5 had to be the name of the business. 
I thought it was creative and unique and have signed all my photos as such since.